City of Elgin, IL, Requests Assistance from Federal Stimulus Bill

September 28, 2010

Because of the economic downturn, the City of Elgin, IL, joined its congressional delegation in urging Washington to pass a public works, infrastructure-based stimulus bill, noting that its passage could create hundreds of jobs in Elgin alone. In fact, the city has put together a list of shovel-ready projects.

The economic crisis is increasingly curtailing the ability of Elgin to proceed with capital projects. Homes in foreclosure have triggered a decline in property values and have impacted property taxes that fund critical citizen services. This has indefinitely delayed many capital projects in the city with others at risk of being cancelled. A stimulus bill will help ensure such public works projects as street repairs, facility construction, sewer reconstruction and infrastructure, remain safe and reliable. These projects also produce good family wage jobs and have a positive ripple effect on the economy.

"Not only do these projects create jobs, good paying union jobs, they represent a critical investment in the community's infrastructure," said William Potts, Local Representative, SEIU.

In order to provide its congressional delegation with a coordinated, direct message in support of the stimulus bill, Elgin officials put together a list of priority projects that address crucial infrastructure issues they would like to see funded as quickly as possible. Additionally, projects have been prioritized that create jobs and can be started quickly.

"These shovel-ready projects enhance the environment, enhance the local economy and enhance the educational system in our community," said Elgin Mayor Ed Schock.

Prioritized City projects are:

Project Description

Project Cost

Local Contribution


Jobs Created

Riverside Drive
Deck Replacement

$11 million

$3 million

$8 million


Highland Avenue
Combined Sewer Separation

$4.5 million

$1 million

$3.5 million


Spartan Drive

$3 million


$2.5 million


Airlite Water Treatment
Plant Rehabilitation

$14 million

$5 million

$9 million