Citadel Construction Goes For LEED Gold

Staff | September 28, 2010

Citadel Construction is pleased to announce the completion of stunning new headquarters for WSP Flack + Kurtz in New York City, soon to be certified as a Gold LEED Commercial Interior (CI). The 40,000-square-foot space follows a striking design conceived by FxFowle Architects, PC, with such dramatic installations as handcrafted sliding doors, a multi-paneled hanging glass wall, and a dynamic global graphic.

All LEED features required diligent scrutiny. The general contractor closely monitored subcontractors to ensure that the low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) specified met the stringent LEED requirements. In addition, only rapidly renewable products including cork flooring and green certified organically composed carpeting were installed.

A thorough Internal Air Quality Plan detailed several initiatives. The ductwork was sealed airtight on supply and return ends during transport and delivery, and a temporary site ventilation system reduced odors at the worksite. Plastic shields and footpaths segregated work areas, minimizing dust and debris throughout construction and helped maintain a clean environment and healthier, more breathable air.

Citadel hired a specialty recycling subcontractor to implement a waste management plan to ensure at least three-quarters of all construction debris was specially handled and hauled away for processing and reuse. Loads were carefully tracked and recorded from the moment they left the site to arrival at the recycling facility. Citadel closely coordinated subcontractor activity to make sure proper removal procedures were observed at all times.

The design vision of FxFowle Architects, PC, for the interior required the careful orchestration of various components. The team mounted a pair of immense 500-plus-pound millwork sliding panels to serve as front doors on specially crafted hardware imported from Germany. They then suspended four 10-foot-high Lucite panels and an inspiring global graphic pinpointing WSP Flack + Kurtz's worldwide sites using high-intensity aircraft cable. The result — a compelling visual delineating the reception area from the offices.

On all counts, from adhering to immovable deadlines and absolute LEED guidelines to bringing a bold and innovative vision to life, the Citadel team excelled. The seamless transition of more than 250 employees into a vibrant "Gold" headquarters was successfully accomplished.