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The Asphalt Optimizer pothole patcher has an electronically-ignited, self-priming, diesel-fired burner that heats the hopper chamber without applying direct flame.

April 01, 2009

Cimline Asphalt Optimizer Pothole PatcherAvailable with a four-ton capacity, the towed Asphalt Optimizer pothole patcher from Cimline features an electronically-ignited, self-priming, diesel-fired, 105,000-BTU burner that heats the hopper chamber without applying direct flame. This is designed to eliminate hot spots in the top-loaded material. Heat is also dispersed via a central 4-inch tube located near the top of the hopper. A 26-gallon fuel tank provides up to 72 hours of heating. With the material door operated by a large-diameter wheel with a locking ratchet, operators can easily adjust the amount of gravity-fed mix reaching the unloading tray.

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