CIFA Spritz Shotcrete System

September 28, 2010

CIFA USA, Inc., announced the full expansion of its tunneling division and related equipment for the North American markets at the World of Concrete 2009. This includes the Spritz shotcrete system CSS-3, for both for underground and open-air job sites.

The fully contained truck unit features a robotic shotcrete arm with three sections of Z-shape for maximum vertical reach of 26 meters. The fifth wheel block can rotate 180 degrees on both the vertical and horizontal planes. Self-leveling front and rear stabilizers can be controlled from the driver’s seat. The turret slides 1.8 meters along a longitudinal axis, ensuring constant distance from the excavation area, enhancing safety.

Uniform distribution of concrete is achieved by the automatic brush-type movement of the nozzle which is adjustable to optimize the projection pattern of the concrete. The truck is an off-road vehicle powered by a 75 KW Deutz engine with special devices for noise, heat and fuel reduction. It has a hydrostatic transmission, a mechanical and hydrostatic gearbox, four wheel drive, independent all way steering and a small turning radius (5.7 meters) for confined spaces like underground excavation.