Chicago Pneumatic RX 30, RX 38 Breakers

February 12, 2013

Chicago Pneumatic RX 30 and RX 38 hydraulic breakers have hybrid gas/oil technology. Hydraulic pressure lifts the hammer for striking, then a combination of hydraulic power and nitrogen charge drives the hammer to strike. According to the manufacturer, the combination provides 15 to 20 percent more power than single-sourced energy.

The RX 30 has a service weight of 4,850 pounds, an impact rate of up to 620 bpm at  5,500 lb.-ft. It is specified for carriers with a capacity of 55,100 to 88,200 pounds. The RX 38 has an impact rate of 590 bpm at 6,500 lb.-ft. and a service weight of 5,740 pounds. It is specified for carriers with a capacity of 59,000 to 98,000 pounds.

The RX line has noise- and vibration-dampening. The PowerControl Plus feature enables the operator to adjust the breaker’s performance according to the application. Other features include a tie rod system that uses tie bolts, an insert thread system that ensures a long working life and allows tie bolts to be reused, as well as a central lubrication port for extended bushing life.