Chicago Pneumatic RC Series Compactors

February 18, 2013

RC Series hydraulic compactors come in six models available for carrier weight classes from 1 to 40 tons, and all attach with a standard or quick-change adapter. Range includes RC 103, RC 308, RC 409, RC 920, RC 2040 and RC 2041.  Compaction frequency ranges from 2,100 to 2,200 n/min with vibrating forces from 3,086 to 25,133 lb.-ft. The RC Series features the AutoLube system, which eliminates the need for regular manual greasing. The compactors also include a standard, specially designed oil-bath system around the shaft bearing, which ensures continuous lubrication and minimal downtime due to on-site maintenance.

Additional technical features of the RC series hydraulic compactors include an optional integrated hydraulic flow and pressure control, standard quick-change adapter plates and interchangeable vibrating plates. There is also no limitation of back pressure in the return line, and the use of solid rubber isolators provides excellent shock dampening of return vibrations, minimizing wear on the carrier pins and bushings. The RC Series also features a drain-free motor, eliminating the need for a third line drain, and includes a range of heavy-duty hydraulic connection hoses, fitting kits and maintenance kits.