Chicago Pneumatic New Hydraulic Power Packs

September 28, 2010

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Tools’s new line of hydraulic power packs for powering hydraulic handheld tools are built with foldable handles and large wheels for simple maneuverability, allowing hydraulic tools to be used in confined spaces and remote areas such as found in demolition, building renovation, utility work, and road and bridge maintenance applications.

The compact size of the packs, 27.6 inches wide, 28.3 inches long, and 29.3 inches tall for the largest unit, allows them to be positioned almost anywhere on a jobsite, while minimizing the space needed for storage. With service weights ranging from just 143 to 256 pounds, the packs can be easily picked up and placed in a van or truck.

The PAC P9 and PAC P13, equipped with 9-horsepower and 13-horsepower Honda gasoline engines, respectively, feature a power-on-demand (POD) system. POD increases the engine speed only when a tool is being used, thereby reducing fuel consumption and extending equipment service life. Another gas-powered unit, the PAC P18, features an 18-horsepower Briggs & Stratton Vanguard engine and electric start.

For poorly ventilated areas or applications where diesel is preferred, Chicago Pneumatic offers the PAC D10. This model is designed with a reinforced chassis to accept the higher vibrations and load from its 10-horsepower Lombardini diesel engine.