Chicago Pneumatic hand held breaker line

September 28, 2010

Chicago Pneumatic BRK Series Hand-Held BreakersConsisting of four standard model sizes, the new Chicago Pneumatic hydraulic hand-held breaker product line features standard basic vibration dampening and a slim product design providing the operator with a clear view of the work area. The BRK 40, 55, 70 and 95 models range from 41 to 71 pounds. The largest delivers 103 foot-pounds of blow energy at an impact rate of 1,150 to 1,500 blows per minute. An ergonomically-advanced version of each model is available with a patented four-spring "E-handle" that cuts vibration levels. Also available is a horizontal pick hammer, the BRK 25 D, delivering up to 18 foot-pounds of blow energy at 2,400 blows per minute.