Chicago Pneumatic CPG 25, CPG 45 Generators in Skid-mount, Trailer-mount Configurations

September 1, 2016

Chicago Pneumatic CPG 25 and CPG 45 generators are available in skid-mount and trailer-mount configurations and are lighter weight than the previous versions.

They feature the same design principles of CP compressors: trailers identical to the CPS 185 compressor; weatherproofing; and corrosion-resistant, sound-reduced, compact enclosures. Both models offer the same platform with a common engine cubicle and enclosure. The generators come with a standard five-year limited engine warranty on the Isuzu 4LE engine with DOC engine exhaust aftertreament. The CPG 25 offers 32.5 horsepower and the CPG 45 runs at 59 horsepower. A heavy-duty marine impregnated alternator has multi-voltage capabilities.