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Chicago Pneumatic Concrete Equipment Line


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Chicago Pneumatic Concrete Equipment Line

A range of products for concrete finishing includes vibration, levelling, finishing and cutting tools. The VPM line of mechanical and VPP line of pneumatic pokers are for use in medium-to-high slump concrete. Mechanical pokers come in gasoline or diesel drive. Walk-behind LBG 1200 hand-held screed provides surface vibration only, and the LBG 800 bull float screed provides deeper vibration and single-step leveling. The BP CombiForm leave-in-place screed rail system is also available.

STG power trowels provide smooth finished surfaces with a range of models. The STG 24 is a small power float edger for smaller slabs and finishing edges. The STG 36 and 46 are designed for larger slabs.

A range of concrete and asphalt floor saws deliver cuts for expansion joints to a maximum depth of 150 mm. They have adjustable handles and ergonomically positioned controls. Both gasoline and diesel models are available.

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