Chevron reformulated ELC

By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010


Chevron coolantReformulated Extended Life Coolant (ELC) will protect cooling systems of on-road vehicles for 8 years or 750,000 miles and off-road vehicles for 15,000 hours without requiring additives or extenders. If a Chevron chemical extender is added at 500,000 miles/10,000 hours/4 years, the cooling system will be protected for 1,000,000 miles/20,000 hours/8 years. ELC meets ASTM's new heavy-duty coolant spec D6210 and exceeds most engine specifications, including Caterpillar's EC-1. Chevron estimates the cost to fill and maintain a 12-gallon truck radiator with ELC for 8 years at $398, comparing that to an estimated $941 per truck for properly maintained conventional coolant.