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Caterpillar Presents Electrification Strategy



Caterpillar's D6 XE dozer on site.

Caterpillar said its electrification strategy will match the right product to the application. A press release distributed at Bauma outlined the ways the company will do this:

Fully electric products: featuring single or multiple non-engine electric power sources, these products are best suited for environments where eliminating emissions is key. These will be best suited for underground, indoors, urban areas, and some agricultural segments.

Diesel-electric products: connecting to an engine or electric generator, AC drive motor, or other source of electric power, these products are ideal for operations where using less fuel is a priority.

Hybrid products: working alongside an engine, power sources such as batteries, tethered or cable-powered electric systems, hydraulic accumulators, or high-speed flywheels can reduce emissions and improve efficiency.

At bauma 2019, Caterpillar displayed visitors were also able to view the:

  • D6 XE dozer, the world’s first with high drive electric drive, which improves fuel efficiency up to 35%

  • 988K XE wheel loader, which features a high-efficiency electric drive system with switched reluctance technology

  • 300.9D VPS mini excavator, which produces zero emissions when connected to a remote power unit

  • 906 compact wheel loader, a concept vehicle with a fully electric drive train powered by a lithium-ion battery

Cat said some dealers are currently adapting products to specific regional or jobsite requirements. Zeppelin, for example, has been working to develop a tethered, electrified material handler primarily for indoor use. The dealer has also adapted a Cat 302.7D CR mini excavator into a dual-power motor.

Source: Caterpillar