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Caterpillar MD6310 Rotary Drill



Caterpillar blasthole drill.

The MD6310 Caterpillar rotary drill produces holes with diameters between 8 and 12.25 inches to a depth of 44.9 feet. It will drill a multi-pass hole to 244.9 feet. The drill has up to 30-degree angle hole drilling for cast blasting.

The surface drill features electronics and technology to improve drilling accuracy and efficiency, according to the company. Drill Assist executes all major functions or cycles of the drill and automatically adapts drill power to match ground conditions. Automated features such as jack leveling and retraction, mast raise and lock to desired angle, and auto pipe handling for multi-pass auto drill-to-depth improve operator drilling efficiency on the bench.

The drill can also be outfitted with Cat MineStar technologies that further advance drilling automation and safety.

Terrain for drilling uses high-precision GPS guidance to deliver accuracy down to the centimeter, ensuring holes in the pattern are drilled in the right place and to the designed depth.

Command for drilling offers scalable technologies ranging from line-of-site remote control to autonomous operation to meet the mine site’s needs for safety and productivity. The remote operator’s station removes the operator from the bench and now allows one operator to manage drill operations and run up to five machines simultaneously.

Major components for the MD6310 drill—engine, undercarriage, and rotary head gearbox—are built to be rebuilt, giving the machine multiple service lives. Common components and consumables across the Cat drill family reduce parts inventory needs and simplify service.

Onboard health monitoring and Cat Electronic Technician makes troubleshooting quick and convenient to increase drill uptime availability. Uniform hose and wiring harness routing increases machine reliability in the field. Grouped service points and simplified access to maintenance items reduce service time, allowing the MD6310 to spend more time in the field and less time in the shop.

Designed to improve safety and operator comfort, the next generation cab features floor to ceiling windows to improve line-of-sight to the drill deck and offers ergonomic display and control layouts. Closed-circuit cameras with additional mast camera help to improve operator visibility. Its FOPS-rated cab, standard drill window safety cage and operator-present conditional safety interlocks help further improve safe operation.

Cat MD6310 Drill Specifications

  • Engine: Cat C32
  • Max net power @ 1,800 rpm: 1,007 hp
  • Bit load, single pass, 13.7 m / 17.5 mast: To 90,753 lb. / 92,922 lb.
  • Hole diameter: 8 to 12.25 in.
  • Single-pass hole depth, 13.7 m / 17.5 mast: 44.9 ft. / 57.4 ft.
  • Multi-pass hole depth, 13.7 m / 17.5 mast: To 244.9 ft. / 157.4 ft.
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