Caterpillar MD5150C Track Drill

March 23, 2015
Caterpillar MD5150C Track Drill

The MD5150C track drill, powered with a 385-horsepower Cat C11 engine, is capable of drilling holes from 4 to 6 inches and offers a choice of three different rock drills, including the standard drill (HPR5128) that uses 51-mm drill steel, the HPR6832 drill that can use 68-mm speed rod, and the HPR6030 designed for 60-mm drill steel. Compared with the MD5125 predecessor model, the new drill has 18 percent more power, 33 percent more air volume, 40 percent more air pressure, 19 percent faster tram speed, and 40 percent greater ground clearance.

The rod changer and feed assembly, which have seven patents pending, holds six rods and accommodates two lengths and multiple diameters of drill steel. Dual-rod grippers and the design of the gate allow the rod and gate to move simultaneously, reducing cycle time, says Caterpillar. An automated lube system is designed to eliminate stopping the machine for manual greasing every two hours. A smart-drill monitoring system tracks changes in rock formation and automatically adjusts impact and feed pressure based on hardness of the rock. Anti-jam, anti-plunge, and anti-plug capabilities, says Caterpillar, keep the machine working efficiently and extend drill string life.