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Caterpillar M315F, M317F Wheeled Excavators

The M317F wheeled excavator has a compact radius design

December 21, 2016

The M315F and M317F wheeled excavators are compact-radius units added to the range and are powered by T4-F 150-horsepower Cat C4.4 ACERT engines. Operating weight ranges are 34,810 to 39,370 pounds for the M315F, and 38,230-41,270 pounds for the M317F.

Designed as tool carriers, the excavators have medium- and high-pressure auxiliary hydraulic lines, and a monitor-based tool control system. Specific auxiliary functions on the joystick and foot pedal allow the operator to choose directly, through the monitor, which button and/or slider is preferred for a specific attachment.

Automatic Engine Speed Control lowers engine speed when maximum power is not required. An engine idle-shutdown system stops the engine after a preset idling interval. Eco Mode reduces engine speed to save fuel without compromising power or performance. The automatic shift-to-travel mode optimizes driveline performance, while also conserving fuel, and the cooling system features a variable speed, on-demand fan for further fuel savings.

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