Caterpillar F2 Series Backhoe Loaders

February 5, 2015

Caterpillar’s latest backhoe-loader range, the F2 Series, includes refined versions of existing models—416F2, 420F2, and 430F2—as well as the new 415F2. The new center-pivot models meet Tier 4-Final emissions standards and feature freshly designed operator stations. The 420F2 and 430F2 continue to be available with either a single-tilt or Integrated Tool Carrier (IT) front linkage, and four-wheel drive remains standard for the 430F2 and is available for other models.

The Cat C3.4B engine, rated at 68 net horsepower, powers the 415F2, and the 416F2, 420F2, and 430F2 use the Cat C4.4 engine with net-horsepower ratings of 87, 93, and 108, respectively. The 415F2 does not require diesel exhaust fluid, says Caterpillar, a convenience for buyers such as rental firms and governmental agencies.

All of the new F2 Series models use a load-sensing, variable-displacement piston pump designed to provide full lifting and digging forces at all engine speeds and to match hydraulic flow to work demands. Pilot-operated joystick controls with an in-cab pattern changer are standard on the 420F2 and 430F2, optional for the 415F2 and 416F2.

An available auxiliary-hydraulic system for all models includes a third-function loader valve, six-function backhoe valve, and related lines. Standard for the 420F2 IT and 430F2 IT is a hydraulic quick coupler for the loader featuring new twist-to-connect hydraulic fittings.

The newly designed operator’s station provides ample legroom for comfortably rotating the seat, says Caterpillar, and the air-suspension seat provides added comfort when traveling. The new ROPS/FOPS-equipped operator’s station has flat glass for easier replacement, and a new rear-window design improves sight lines to the trench. Interior sound levels are significantly reduced, from 80 dB(A) to 74 dB(A).

A new gauge cluster includes a large LCD screen, and a new pantograph windshield wiper increases coverage by more than 40 percent. Technical advancements in the cab include a hands-free communication system, an available keypad security system, and the satellite/cellular-based Cat ProductLink telematics system. For operator convenience, a differential-lock button is positioned on the loader control, and IT models have dual directional-shift controls (steering column and joystick). Also, larger fenders keep cab glass cleaner in muddy conditions.

New for the 420F2 and 430F2 is an available six-speed Auto­Shift transmission, which can also incorporate a lock­up torque converter for direct-drive efficiency in 5th and 6th gears. These models also feature an Economy Mode that adjusts engine speed and hydraulic-pump displacement for optimum fuel efficiency. Other enhancements include variable-speed steering to provide quick response in tight-cycle truck loading and adjustable auxiliary flow for improved control of work tools.

Cat F2 Backhoe Loader Specification


  • Engine: C3.4B
  • Net power: 68 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 14.25 inches
  • Stick dig force: 7,276 pounds
  • Stick lift capacity: 5,280 pounds
  • Minimum weight: 15,207


  • Engine: C4.4 Acert
  • Net power: 87 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 14.25 inches
  • Stick dig force: 7,276 pounds
  • Stick lift capacity: 5,280 pounds
  • Minimum weight: 15,207


  • Engine: C4.4 Acert
  • Net power: 93 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 14.33 inches
  • Stick dig force: 9,779 pounds
  • Stick lift capacity: 5,961 pounds
  • Minimum weight: 17,033


  • Engine: C4.4 Acert
  • Net power: 108 horsepower
  • Max dig depth: 15.33 inches
  • Stick dig force: 10,067 pounds
  • Stick lift capacity: 6,394 pounds
  • Minimum weight: 18,364