Caterpillar F Series Asphalt Pavers

October 30, 2014

According to Jon Anderson, global sales consultant, Cat Paving Products, Caterpillar’s new AP1000F and AP1055F asphalt pavers feature “performance improvements and technology with a user-friendly interface.”

The pavers are available with a 225-horsepower Cat C7.1 engine that meets Tier 4-Final emissions regulations and features an ECO-mode operating system. When used with automatic speed control, says Caterpillar, the ECO mode manages engine speed for optimum fuel economy, reduced sound levels, and efficient cooling under high-load conditions.

The new pavers also use an integrated generator for screed heating. The new generator is driven directly from the engine (previous design powered the generator hydraulically), and in combination with the refined heat-distribution system in the SE60 Series screeds, the new generator can bring the screed to operating temperature in approximately 15 minutes, compared with 30-45 minutes using the previous system. In addition, the engine operates at only 1,300 rpm when the screed is heating, further contributing to fuel savings.

New touch-screen operating consoles combine with switch-control of frequently used functions to provide a flexible, intuitive control system, says Anderson, such as the new single-switch control for the auto-fill feeder system that assists in providing simplified machine set-up. Ratio control for the conveyors can now be controlled from the screed, and the tractor operator can now adjust mix height. An available pendant control allows the screed operator to stand along side the screed.

The operating consoles, says Anderson, are “as simple as the contractor needs, and as flexible as they want. Crews preferring limited options have an organized, efficient control system at their fingertips, and those who want to utilize more functions can do so by accessing various menus through the touch screen.”

Propel and feeder-system settings now transfer between stations at the touch of a single switch, and speed and operation/travel modes are automatically adjusted at both stations. In addition, Cat Grade Control can be operated from the tractor consoles, and a single-button auto-feeder system does the work of four switches, says Anderson.

Three screeds are available—SE60 V, SE60 V XW, and SE60 VT XW. The XW (extra wide) versions share common frame structures; the V XW provides only vibration, and the VT XW provides both vibration and tamper bars. Screed-plate life is extended, says Caterpillar by the use of a proprietary, abrasion-resistant steel, and screen extensions are equipped with a two-speed proportion control for enhanced responsiveness near obstacles. The XW Series also features full hydraulic control of crown, extension slope and extension height at full width (33 feet).

Cat F Series Asphalt Paver Specs


  • Engine: Cat C7.1 ACERT
  • Horsepower: 225
  • Weight w/ largest screed: 45,416 pounds
  • Standard paving range: 9.83 - 19.5 feet
  • Max paving width w/ extension: 25 feet
  • Paving speed, V screed: 250 fpm
  • Paving speed, VT screed: 82


  • Engine: Cat C7.1 ACERT
  • Horsepower: 225
  • Weight w/ largest screed: 48,320 pounds
  • Standard paving range: 9.83 - 19.5 feet
  • Max paving width w/ extension: 33 feet
  • Paving speed, V screed: 210 fpm
  • Paving speed, VT screed: 82