Caterpillar Enhances M Series Small Wheel Loader Line

November 15, 2016

Recent engineering enhancements to the Tier 4-Final Cat M Series small wheel loaders (926M, 930M, and 938M), as well as the K Series models (924K, 930K, 938K), include a new secondary display module option that improves operator interface and navigation, and makes available a host of special payload management and service options.

The new touchscreen display features a QWERTY keyboard, which significantly reduces the amount of time for information entry, Caterpillar says, and eliminates the arrow keys required by previous versions for navigation and data input. Adding the touchscreen display and Product Link Elite to these small loaders for the first time allows the availability of Caterpillar Payload Management. The management system’s tip-off capability confirms to the operator that there is sufficient weight in the bucket before leaving the pile, increasing machine productivity. When this Cat feature is active on a 924K, 926M, 930K, 930M, 938K, or 938M, it gives the operator the ability to place the proper amount of material in the feed wagon, mixer, hopper or truck the first time, reducing the number of cycles.

In addition, tire pressure monitoring is now a fully integrated option for M Series small loaders. The updated deluxe operator’s cab design offers a new standard binder/clipboard storage area for storing papers and manuals, while an extra 1.2 sq. ft. of lockable storage can be optionally mounted to the bottom side of the cab for securing tools, grease guns, gloves, and other items.