Caterpillar AP300F/AP355F Asphalt Pavers

April 8, 2016
Cat AP300F

The wheeled AP300F and tracked AP355F asphalt pavers use a 73.8-horsepower Cat C3.3 engine and have eco-mode and automatic engine speed control. Paving range is 5 feet 9 inches to 11 feet 2 inches, up to a maximum of 15 feet 1 inch with extensions.

The auto-fill system, controlled by a single switch, alternates between auger and conveyor operation to initially build a proper head of material. The auto-feed system, also controlled by a single switch that does the work of four switches on previous models, relieves the operator of the task of manually activating each auger and conveyor.

The Mobil-Trac undercarriage features a smooth rubber belt and oscillating bogies that provide optimum traction and flotation, as well as travel speeds similar to those of wheel-type models. The oscillating bogies limit tow-point movement. The wheeled undercarriage has optional front-wheel-assist for pulling power on poor base conditions.

The operator seats can be extended beyond the machine edge, and the console slides along a single rail.

The SE34V (vibration-only) or SE34 VT (vibration/tamper-bar) screed paves up to 13 feet 1 inch on the AP300F, and up to 15 feet 1 inch on the AP355F.