Caterpillar 796 AC, 798 AC Mining Trucks

November 9, 2018
Caterpillar 796 AC Mining Truck.

The line of Caterpillar mining trucks is expanding with two electric-drive models, the 798 AC and 796 AC.

The 798 AC features a 410-ton payload, and the 796 AC delivers a 360-ton payload and is meant to replace the Cat 795 AC in regions where engine emissions are highly regulated. The two Caterpillar mining trucks are built on the frame and chassis design now used by the Cat 794 AC.

The AC powertrain of each of the trucks draws from the Cat 795 AC and Cat 794 AC, which have been operating in the field for about 5 million hours. The AC electric drive is developed and manufactured by Caterpillar; the company is also the single source for the entire powertrain.

A Cat C175-16 diesel engine powers both of the trucks. It can be configured to meet Tier 4 emissions regulations and offers a choice of 3,500 horsepower or 3,100 horsepower to meet a mine’s needs. To further adapt to the mine, software changes can adjust system power to help meet production targets or to work in mixed fleets, the company says.

Both truck models are designed to minimize empty machine weight, as configured in the field. The design enables the 798 AC to carry its payload of 410 tons and to haul more material each cycle on 59/80R63 tires.

Caterpillar 796, 798 Mining Truck Specs

The trucks feature four-corner, oil-cooled disc brakes, as well as dynamic braking for stable handling and fast stopping. Cat says the retarding capability, blended braking, and the Cat Traction Control System, help boost productivity while enhancing safety.