Caterpillar 795F Field Follow

September 28, 2010

Caterpillar 795F AC rigid-frame haul truckCat recently shipped a pre-production 795F AC mining truck to a North American copper mine where it will serve as Cat’s first field-follow electric-drive truck. The 345-ton-capacity 795F AC enters Caterpillar in a new size class and, so it is the primary focus of the Caterpillar AC-electric-drive development program. New technologies incorporated in the 795F AC include blended, four-corner braking and retarding – combining Cat oil-immersed disc brakes and electrical retarding. The remote-mounted generator enables servicing without removing other major components, and wheel motors mounted inside the axle enable servicing separate from final drives. Retarding grids are radial, which Cat says promotes more uniform air flow for better reliability. When Cat officially launches the AC models of the F Series, the company will be the first to offer a choice of 200-ton-and-larger mining trucks with either mechanical or electric drive.