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Caterpillar 785 Haul Truck



Cat 785 mining haul truck.

The Cat 785 haul truck has a nominal payload of 153 tons. The Next Generation upgrade to Cat haul trucks enhances operator safety and performance, provides more intuitive and predictable operation, delivers faster and easier access to data, and streamlines maintenance compared to its predecessor.

The rigid-frame haul truck features an expandable technology platform.

The cab is equipped with features that automate functions, including a new integrated speed coaching feature to give feedback on how to operate the Caterpillar mining truck most productively. Cat 7895 haul truck responsiveness and controllability are enhanced through multiple upgrades such as the anti-lock brake system, dynamic stability control, enhanced traction control, machine speed limiting, hill start assist with anti-rollback, and cruise control. New Auto Hoist control reduces dumping time and unburdens the operator.

Guidance information, machine data, and electronics controls are consolidated into two touch screens. The cab has a walk-through sliding center console, increased legroom, and new air filtration system. The new deluxe seat boasts leather upholstery, air-adjustable bolsters and lumbar support, heated and cooled cushions, dynamic dampening, and a 30-degree recline with thigh tilt and extension.

The improved payload monitoring system offers more accurate measurement and dipper counts as well as enhanced overload detection and carryback calculation and reporting. The 360-degree surround view camera delivers a full view of the working area to the operator.

The Cat haul trucks have a Cat 3512E engine that offers selectable power options. Two tire options are available: 33R51 and 36R51. The larger tires allow a nominal payload of 153 tons.

Through a two-wire ethernet, machine components communicate faster and provide more data than the predecessor. Remote flash and remote troubleshooting capabilities enable managers to schedule software updates so that they do not interrupt production, and diagnostics can be done remotely while the truck is operating.

Cat 785 Mining Haul Truck Specifications

  • Engine: Cat 3512E
  • Gross power: 1,600 hp
  • Gross machine weight: 550,000 lb.
  • Nominal payload: 153 tons
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