Caterpillar 777G Haul Truck

April 3, 2012
Caterpillar 777G Haul Truck

Cat 777G off-highway, rigid-frame haul truck has a Tier 4-Final diesel and delivers 7 percent more torque than the the F series predecessor. Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) has torque shift management that allows the truck to carry more momentum up grades. New transmission controls include configurable economy settings and an adaptive economy mode that automatically optimizes fuel use based on a production baseline. The access system has new hand rails, and cab noise was reduced 50 percent compared to the predecessor. Cat Comfort Seat Series III, with vibration-reducing technology and a three-point restraining system, is highly adjustable, the company says. Object Detection is standard and uses a combination of radars, in-cab display, and multiple cameras. Using payload values from the Truck Production Monitoring System and data such as air temperature and truck speed, the load placed on tires is monitored. As they approach rated load-speed rating, a warning is given.

Cat 777G Haul Truck Specifications

  • Nominal payload: 106.3 tons
  • Maximum gross machine weight: 363,000 lb.
  • Engine: Cat C32 ACERT
  • Net engine power: 916 hp
  • Top speed, loaded: 40.9 mph