Caterpillar 735C, 740C EJ, 745C Articulated Dump Trucks

March 27, 2015

The 735C, 740C EJ, and 745C articulated dump trucks have rated payload capacities of 36, 42 and 45.2 tons, respectively.

Engines meet Tier 4-Final standards. A Cat C15 ACERT engine provides 452 horsepower in the 735C; a C18 ACERT provides 511 horsepower to the 740C EJ and 745C.

The CX38 high-density power shift transmission has 9 forward and 2 reverse speeds. Electronic clutch pressure control modulates clutch engagement, and advanced productivity electronic control strategy helps optimize gear selection in all operating situations. Shift torque management maintains consistent torque flow through the transmission during gear-range changes, provides automatic shift selection tailored to machine operations, and automatically downshifts for accelerations. Part throttle shifting allows shifting at lower engine speeds.



The trucks have permanent six-wheel drive, and automatic traction control adjusts the level of engagement for the clutch locks in the interaxle differential and in the three axle differentials as the truck is moving.

Caterpillar ADT Specifications


  • Engine: Cat C15 ACERT
  • Rated power: 452 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 164,024 pounds
  • Rated payload capacity: 36 tons, 26.8 cubic yards

740C EJ

  • Engine: Cat C18 ACERT
  • Rated power: 511 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 141,316 pounds
  • Rated payload capacity: 42 tons, 30.1 cubic yards


  • Engine: Cat C18 ACERT
  • Rated power: 511 horsepower
  • Operating weight: 163,296 pounds
  • Rated payload capacity: 45.2 tons, 32.7 cubic yards