Caterpillar 24 Motor Grader

March 30, 2018
Caterpillar 24 motor grader has a 24-foot-wide moldboard

Caterpillar 24 motor grader has a 24-foot-wide moldboard, designed for mines running trucks with payloads more than 200 tons. The unit have a modular design to allow components to be removed and installed up to 70 percent faster than in the 24M grader.

Features include optimized weight balance and 15 percent more low-end torque compared to the Cat 24M. These features improve traction and help maintain consistent ground speed, says Caterpillar, especially when carrying a large load on the moldboard, working on grade, or turning under load. Machine weight was increased by 11 percent to provide additional blade down pressure and tractive force, and Consistent Power-to-the-Ground controls engine power levels to offset cooling fan losses.

The grader uses a Cat C27 engine that prolongs target rebuild life by 33 percent over the C18 engine. Net power range is 535 to 694 horsepower. The 21-inch, 6-speed planetary transmission and improved rear axle bevel gear and final drive extend lower powertrain service life by up to 33 percent.

Cat 24 Motor Grader Specs

  • Engine: Cat C27 ACERT
  • Net power: 535-694 hp
  • Operating weight: 161,695 pounds
  • Moldboard width: 24 feet
  • Transmission: Automatic, electronic, Power Shift
  • Gear ranges: 6(f) / 3(r)
  • Top speed: 26 mph

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