Caterpillar 226D, 232D Skid Steer Loaders

April 14, 2015

The radial-lift 226D and vertical-lift 232D skid steer loaders have been upgraded with Caterpillar’s D Series features, including a sealed/pressurized cab, electro-hydraulic controls, and redesigned lift arms. They meet Tier 4-Final standards with a 67-horsepower Cat C2.2 engine that uses DOC aftertreatment and provides 10 percent more horsepower, 10 percent more torque, and 14-percent better fuel efficiency than predecessor models. Rated operating capacities are 1,550 pounds for the 226D and 1,850 pounds for the 232D.

The modular cab is self-sealing, and a redesigned HVAC system supplies 20 percent more airflow. The standard control monitor has a single-code security feature, and the optional Advanced Display monitor offers 50 operator codes and can store operating preferences for each.

Intelligent Leveling system includes dual self-leveling, electronic snubbing, return-to-dig, and attachment positioning.

The tubular design of the lift arms provides “optimum” lift and strength, says Caterpillar, and has a narrower profile to improve sight lines to the machine’s sides, tires and attachment/coupler interface. The automatic coupler is electrically actuated, replacing the predecessor’s hydraulically actuated coupler. An available high-flow auxiliary-hydraulic system provides flows to 26 gpm and pressures to 3,336 psi. Both standard and high-flow auxiliary systems use connect-under-pressure quick disconnects.

All routine service points, including filters, battery, and engine-oil fill and check points, are accessible at ground level.

Cat 226D, 232D Skid Steer Specifications


  • Engine: Cat C2.2T
  • Power: 67 horsepower
  • ROC: 1,550 pounds
  • Operating weight: 5,705 pounds
  • Top speed: 11 mph


  • Engine: Cat C2.2T
  • Power: 67 horsepower
  • ROC: 1,850 pounds
  • Operating weight: 6,213 pounds
  • Top speed: 11 mph