Cat Wheel Tractor Scraper

March 3, 2014
Cat Wheel Tractor Scraper

The new Cat 620 K Series Wheel Tractor-Scrapers—621K, 623K, and 627K—refine the design of their H Series predecessors, which introduced features such as Sequence Assist and Load Assist that automate cycles. K Series models build on the design of their H Series predecessors with new features, including high pressure steering, engine over-speed protection, tire spin reduction, differential lock engagement protection, machine/ground-speed control, and a payload-estimator system. Payload capacity of the open-bowl 621K and open-bowl, twin-engine 627K is 28.8 tons and 27.6 tons for the elevating 627K.

The new models incorporate a number of additional enhancements: Advanced Cushion Hitch uses new software to dampen end-of-stroke movement of the load cylinder for a smoother ride; hydraulic-system refinement simplifies the bowl quick-drop function; draft arm overflow guards divert material away from bowl sides; Auto-Stall assists in quickly bringing the transmission to operating temperature for faster transitions from torque-converter drive; cab interiors feature a redesigned dash as well as visibility and operator comfort enhancements; maintenance improvements include an easier-to-service filter bank; and the Fuel Economy Mode for the 627K adjusts shift points and power distribution for optimum fuel economy. 

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