Give Your Machine a Second Life with a Rebuild

Nov. 7, 2019

Even the best built machines will eventually need repairs, and you have several options when your machine breaks down – repair, replace, or rebuild. Opting to rebuild your machine can significantly extend the useful life of your equipment for a lower price than purchasing a brand-new piece of equipment.

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Sometimes, machine downtime caused by unexpected break downs is inevitable and can happen during your busiest season. With winter approaching – a season when many businesses operate on a reduced schedule – now is a great time to consider the benefits of an equipment rebuild. That means you can rebuild your machine without majorly impacting your bottom line.

Whether you have a specific piece of equipment that's reaching the end of its overall lifecycle, want to improve specific core components of your machine or simply learn about the available options, understanding the value of rebuilding your Cat equipment can help you make more informed choices and keep your business moving forward.

Every rebuild is unique to the business and piece of equipment involved, but the major benefit of this process is a cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment. Because Cat equipment is carefully engineered with more than one functional lifecycle in mind, a rebuild can be an especially good decision in terms of both productivity and finances. Often, a rebuilt machine is better than the original machine because rebuilt components include new features of the latest technology available.

Cat dealers only work with certified technicians who have the know-how, skills and expertise to consistently and confidently rebuild your equipment. That's true whether it's an articulated truck, wheel loader, another type of Cat equipment or a major component of your Cat machine.

Why you should consider a rebuild right now

  1. Put your rebuilt equipment to work as soon as possible: The sooner you start the rebuild process, the sooner your Cat machines can be put back to work.
  2. Take advantage of seasonal slowdown: If your business slows down during the winter, you can have your equipment rebuilt with minimum disruption to your operations.
  3. Effectively utilize employee skills and experience: You know your staff are qualified to operate your current fleet of equipment. A rebuild means no downtime for training on new systems or adjustment periods before operators are ready to go to work.
  4. Better budgeting: Making a decision now allows you to determine budget needs and understand how a rebuild can save money versus buying new equipment.
  5. Be prepared: Worried about downtime? An equipment rebuild can help you plan for resource allocation with the confidence that a thoroughly refurbished piece of equipment offers.
  6. Get financing: Cat Financial offers solutions designed to help you budget for and identify the benefits of rebuilding your equipment, helping to spread out the cost of the project.

The sooner you start the rebuild process, the sooner certified technicians can do their jobs and return your equipment to you. That means it's back on the job quickly, ready to work on the next project.

Cat Financial is offering a limited-time special offer on rebuilds. Contact your local Cat dealer to find out how affordable a rebuild is.