Cat Approves Use of B20 Biodiesel

September 28, 2010

Caterpillar has approved the use of B20 biodiesel (20% dilution of biodiesel with standard diesel) across its range of compact and mid-range engines including the C0.5 through C2.2 Tier 4 Interim (11-66 hp), the C4.4, C4.4 ACERT® and C6.6 ACERT® (72-275 hp) Tier 3/Stage IIIA compliant engines. This follows successful testing of higher percentage blended fuels in a number of installations.

Biodiesel used in B20 blends must meet the most current version of ASTM D6751 or EN14214. The final B20 blend should meet the minimum requirements of the upcoming ASTM specification for B5-B20 blends.

"This announcement further confirms Cat’s commitment to its industrial customers by bringing the broadest range of biodiesel compatible engines to market." said Cat industrial engine marketing manager Mike Reinhart. "These engines join the previously B30 approved C7 ACERT® through C32 ACERT® and our 3400 and 3500 series. Cat industrial engines provide customers who want the flexibility to utilize a wide variety of fuels the confidence to use them in numerous industrial applications," Reinhart added. "Biodiesel that meets industry quality standards can be good for the environment and for our customers."