Cat AP500F/AP555F Asphalt Pavers

April 8, 2016
Cat AP500F/AP555F Asphalt Pavers

The wheeled AP500F and tracked AP555F have a 144-horsepower Cat C4.4 ACERT engine, which along with the Eco-Mode setting, optimizes fuel economy and reduces sound levels, the company says.

An integrated generator powers a new screed-heating system. It connects directly to the engine and combines with the heat-distribution system of the SE50-Series screeds to bring the screed to proper temperature in approximately 15 minutes, compared with the previous 30-45 minutes. The engine runs at 1,300 rpm while the screed is heating, compared with the typical speed of 2,200 rpm.

The high-visibility color displays incorporate user-friendly options that allow accessing controls for new technology through the touchscreen. The most frequently used functions are controlled by switches, such as the new single-switch control for the auto-fill feeder system, simplifying setup and helping operators with varied experience and skill levels to attain consistent results. The auto-fill switch allows the feeder system to alternate between auger and conveyor operation, helping operators establish a proper, initial head of material.

The Mobil-Trac undercarriage has oscillating bogie sets that assist the track in maintaining contact with irregular surfaces and also minimize grade deviations and tow-point movement. The Mobil-Trac System is maintenance-free, with rubber-coated components that shed asphalt and prevent accumulation. Self-tensioning accumulators, center guide blocks, and internal belt cables ensure track durability and reliability. 

The wheeled AP500F is available with six-wheel drive to deliver optimum traction; the system provides 200 percent more front pull force, compared with previous models. A front-wheel assist or four-wheel-drive option increases front-wheel pull force by more than 50 percent, compared with previous models.

The SE50 V is a vibratory-only screed, and the SE50 VT provides both vibration and tamper-bar action. The SE50 V offers a maximum paving range of 21.3 feet and the SE50 VT provides widths to 26.3 feet.

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