Cat 980M and 982M Wheel Loaders

March 3, 2014
Cat 982M Wheel Loader

The new all-purpose 982M, which recently was added to the Cat Medium Wheel Loader range, is similar, says Caterpillar, to the 980K 12-ton Aggregates Handler. The 982M is a two-pass match for larger on-highway trucks common in North America, but it is not restricted to aggregates and loose-material handling. Design changes in the frames, linkage, hydraulics, engine power, and power train extend the application range of the 982M, says Caterpillar, to sand and gravel and earth-bank excavation—and even face loading in shot rock applications. The 982M has longer standard lift arms than the 980M, making it suitable for rail-car loading. With a full range of bucket sizes and types, plus other available work tools, the 982M provides a new option in this size class., according to Caterpillar.

The standard lock-up-clutch torque converters in the 980M and 982M are matched to engine power and hydraulics to enhance performance and fuel efficiency, says the company, and planetary transmissions have a new split-flow oil system and use new multi-viscosity oil to improve fuel economy. The 982M features a heavy-duty, 17-inch planetary transmission. 

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