Cat 966M, 972M, and XE Counterparts [VIDEO]

March 3, 2014
Cat 972M Wheel Loader

The new Cat 966M, 966M XE, 972M, and 972M XE wheel loaders meet Tier 4-Final emissions regulations with a combination of combustion strategies and after-treatment components.

Caterpillar’s XE Advanced Power train, which combines two power sources—mechanical and hydrostatic—was first introduced with the 966K XE and now continues with the 966M XE and the new 972M XE. The XE technology, says Caterpillar, results in 25 percent lower fuel consumption on average, compared with conventional torque- converter equipment machines, simplifies operation with a two-pedal design, and provides high performance at all speeds. The 972M XE, says the company, excels at truck loading and is a three-pass match for many of the larger on-highway trucks used in North America.

Power trains for the conventional 966M and 972M have also been improved with the addition of lock-up-clutch torque converters. The new torque converters have also been matched with engine power and hydraulics to improve performance and fuel efficiency. The planetary transmissions used in these models also have a new split-flow oil system and use multi-viscosity oil, which is aimed at improved fuel economy. These new features, says Caterpillar, are complemented by axle and hydraulic improvements, with an overall result of 10 percent lower fuel consumption, on average, compared with the 966K and 972K. 

Caterpillar produced the walk-around video below.


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