Cat 336F H Hybrid Hydraulic Excavator

March 3, 2014

The Cat 336F H Hybrid hydraulic excavator will soon be powered by a Tier 4-Final Cat C9.3 ACERT engine rated at 303 horsepower. The 336F H features an integrated design aimed at conserving fuel, optimizing performance, and capturing and reusing energy to deliver, says Caterpillar, an estimated fuel savings of up to 30 percent, compared with its conventional 336 counterpart.

The 336F H uses Caterpillar’s Electronic Standardized Programmable pump, the Cat Adaptive Control System valve, and the Cat Swing Energy Recovery (SER) valve to capture kinetic energy from the 336F H's swing deceleration, storing it for reuse. When the operator releases the swing lever, the machine's momentum drives the hydraulic swing motor as a pump, and the SER valve channels the resulting flow to nitrogen-charged accumulators. The machine's kinetic energy is thus converted to potential hydraulic energy that is available to assist the swing motor during swing acceleration. This process lessens the load on the engine and hydraulic pumps and conserves significant fuel.