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Casella Orbi-Trace Smart Tag


Top 100

Body-worn safety equipment

Editors note: This product is no longer available.

The Orbi-Trace smart tag is a flexible social distancing solution that provides simple proximity alerts all the way up to full effective contact tracing.

The body-worn tag is simple to operate, with a stop/start input and single LED power alert. It gives the wearer fully configurable vibration and audible alerts whenever a 6-foot safe distance is breached, and can operate indoors and out, with a battery life of up to five days. Ultra-wideband connectivity is accurate in detecting distances down to 4-inch accuracy, making it 20 times more accurate than Bluetooth, the company says.

The connectivity will not cause interference with WiFi or other RF technologies. When combined with the wall-mounted anchor unit and proprietary, free-to-use Infection Insights software, the Orbi-Trace can be used to generate connection graphs and risk and contact assessments, should an employee test positive for Covid-19.

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