September 28, 2010

Casagrande hydraulic crawler rock drillAn articulated mast allows the 200-horsepower Casagrande C7 hydraulic crawler drill to be operated in soil-nailing and -anchoring, tieback, mini-pile and jet-grouting applications throughout a wide range of horizontal and vertical positions. A left or right 90-degree offset in vertical applications enables drilling in otherwise inaccessible locations. The C7 can be outfitted with either a rotary percussion head or dual heads. Equipped with a rotary percussion head, the hydraulic crawler drilling unit provides 10 meters of stroke, which allows drillers to work with up to 30 feet of steel at once. With the C7's digital radio remote control, the operator is able to walk in front of the drill to more closely monitor drilling progress or, if necessary, work from a greater distance during hazardous operations.