Carbon Management Services To Be Provided for Governments, Consultants

Staff | September 28, 2010

Carbonetworks Corporation, a provider of enterprise software that helps companies create effective greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions strategies, will expand its service offerings to governments, consultants and offset project developers by offering these sectors simple, comprehensive and cost effective solutions for GHG and carbon emissions management.


Carbonetworks gives governments a way to communicate their GHG reductions and their leadership in reducing carbon emissions with software that lets this public sector consolidate their emissions inventories into one platform, which fosters a better understanding and easier management of their carbon footprint. The company also helps governments evaluate options to reduce their footprint by linking them to multiple verified offsets.


With Carbonetworks software, consultants now have access to the best tools to help their clients manage their emissions strategies. The platform allows consultants to organize their customers' emissions data more efficiently on one central dashboard, which helps customers better control and understand their GHG emissions strategies. Consultants can lease the Carbonetworks' platform and integrate it into their existing software platform.

Offset project developers

The software gives offset developers control over their projects and insight into how projects are performing and lets developers realize their project's benefits via specific metrics and timelines that compare actual and projected performance. It also allows for direct access to thousands of companies who need their projects.