Campaign Urges Platform Users to "Click It!"

Staff | September 28, 2010

Despite not officially launched in North America until the Saf-T Conference held in California in July, the Click It! sticker campaign is eagerly being adopted by equipment manufacturers, rental houses and users.

Promotional campaigns have resulted in the overwhelming number of North Americans wearing seat belts when riding in a car. It is hoped a similar program will prompt users of boom-type platforms to always wear a full body harness with a short lanyard attached to a suitable anchor point.

Launched by Aerial Work Platform Training (AWPT) in North America, the Click It! campaign has received the approval of the Scaffold Industry Association. The program's initiative came from companies frustrated with a number of industry fatalities stemming from people not wearing aharness that would keep them from being thrown or catapulted from the aerial platform.

To remind and encourage people to wear a harness, AWPT has that message printed on stickers to be placed on the boom lift where they can be seen by all occupants. In addition, AWPT has made available a document that provides information on the proper use of harnesses and lanyards on different types of aerial platforms. Details on both can be found at

Known as Clunk Click! in the United Kingdom where the campaign was first introduced, it is being promoted worldwide by the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF), parent organization to AWPT.

"These simple stickers," says IPAF managing director Tim Whiteman, "can save lives."