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Camoplast Solideal SKS 732, SKS 775, SKS 793S Tires


Tires, On- and Off-Highway

Camoplast Solideal has released three Premium Solideal SKS tires: the Solideal SKS 732, a pneumatic skid steer tire for long life and traction in soft soils and off-road service; the Solideal SKS 775, a severe-duty pneumatic tire for mixed and hard surfaces such as packed gravel and paved yards; and the Solideal SKS 793S, a flat-proof solid rubber tire for use on mixed and hard surfaces.

The pneumatic tires feature a reverse sidewall profile to help deflect debris away from the tire. This also serves to improve side-impact resistance, the company says. The solid SKS 793S introduces a new versatile tread pattern and an improved aperture design.

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