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Caldwell Concrete Pipe Lifter


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

The Caldwell concrete pipe lifter

The Caldwell concrete pipe lifter is available from 1.5- to 15-ton capacity.

The product, which is supplied with an operator positioning handle, is designed to lift concrete pipe up to 8 feet in length and place it into a trench. However, an adjustable (scalloped) lifting bail allows for level handling of various lengths of pipe and means the lifter can hang level when empty or unloaded. A moveable bail stop makes repetitive lifts of the same size pipe very easy, the company says. Users note that the bail stop acts as a guide for the crane operator. The pipe lifter also comes with a laser target holder that allows the operator to follow a guide. The product meets or exceeds ASME BTH design category B, service class 2. All units are available in stock, other than the largest, the 15-ton version.

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