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Buying File Gallery: HDDs

Gallery of horizontal direction drills (HDDs) with 20,000 pounds of pullback force or less

November 01, 2006


Ditch witch


Power for the Job

Ditch Witch JT2020 horizontal directional drill

The JT2020 directional drill packs 20,000 pounds of pulling power and the highest ratio of power to size in its class. Maximum torque is 2,200 foot-pounds and maximum spindle speed is 2,200 rpm. Key features include: a double-sided rack-and-pinion thrust system that provides outstanding power transfer and performance for a wide range of HDD jobs; cruise control that simplifies drilling and back reaming by reducing operator effort; and two-speed carriage decreases cycle time, significantly increasing productivity. Tethered ground drive controller allows the operator to maneuver the unit from a position which provides outstanding power transfer and performance for a wide range of directional-drill jobs.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 2

TT Technologies

Compact for the "Last Mile"

TT Technology Grundodrill 4X horizontal directional drill

The compact Grundodrill 4X horizontal directional drill, designed for residential service and "last-mile" operations, offers 9,800 pounds of thrust and pullback. The drill features a dual hydrostatic pump system and four-auger stake down system that provides greater stability. The Grundodrill 4X also comes with the smart-vice system that performs vice cycling operations automatically. The track-mounted machine develops spindle torque of 1,100 foot-pounds and spindle speeds to 200 rpm.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 2


Hydraulic-over-Hydraulic Controls

Straightline SL2020 horizontal directional drill (HDD)

Central to the design of the SL2020 directional drill is the elimination of complex electrical systems in favor of hydraulic-over-hydraulic controls. Additionally the SL2020 has many other class-leading features: 99-hp diesel engine; 30-gpm triplex mud pump; mud-ready swivel; rugged motor/planetary combinations; stake down matched to the size of the machine; machine fit rack and pinion; efficient rotary drive and simple hydraulic and electrical circuits that are intentionally designed to be contractor serviced. At 52 inches wide, the SL2020 fits easily in congested residential areas. Yet, with 20,000 pounds of thrust and pullback and 2,000 foot-pounds of rotary torque, it delivers the performance of a much bigger rig.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 1

Astec Underground

Works Around Obstacles

Astec EarthPro DD-65 MiniMax horizontal directional drill

The Astec EarthPro DD-65 MiniMax horizontal directional drill offers power and versatility in a compact package. This unit is small enough to work among obstacles in existing landscapes or tight work areas such as against walls or buildings. This unit offers 6,000 pounds of thrust and pullback force and is capable of up to 500 foot-pounds of rotary torque, with a maximum rotary speed of 180 rpm. An onboard duplex mud pump can pump 5 gallons per minute at 650 psi. This unit features the field-proven dual rack-and-pinion carriage drive. It uses 5-foot drill stem with an outside diameter of 1.75 inches and can carry up to 150 feet of pipe. The patented Es!Lok system is integrated into the drill controls.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 2


Two-Speed Rotation

Vermeer D20×22 directional drill

The Vermeer D20×22 directional drill produces 20,000 pounds of pullback and has a two-speed rotational system allowing the operator to choose a high rpm to do the pilot bore, and then select a high torque for the pullback. Matched with 2,200 foot-pounds of torque, the D20×22 has enough power to turn cutting tools in demanding soil conditions and longer-distance bores, and sufficient torque to accommodate larger back reamers than other machines in this HDD class. The D20×22 is the only drill in its class that offers an integrated rock-boring system. A state-of-the-art operator's station is designed for ease and efficiency and provides a forward view of the drilling operation. Controls for thrust/pullback, rotation, and water-pressure gauges are conveniently located.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 5


Pit-Launched Boring

McLaughlin McL-10H pit-launched horizontal directional drill

The powerful McLaughlin McL-10H, pit-launched HDD can be set up in confined areas where use of a surface-launched drill is prohibited. It produces 13,250 pounds of pullback and 17,000 pounds of thrust, develops 1,030 foot-pounds of torque, and has a maximum spindle speed of 125 rpm. The McL-10H offers different installation methods to accommodate both the soil and job conditions. The system can operate dry or with drilling fluids. Pullback diameters from 2 to 12 inches are possible.

Number of HDD models with 20,000 pounds pullback or less: 1




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