Bursich Associates, Inc. Participated In National Engineers Week

Staff | September 28, 2010

Montgomery County, PA— Bursich Associates, Inc., a full-service civil engineering and surveying firm based in Pottstown, PA, reached out to area public and parochial high school students during National Engineers Week. The firm's employees are committed to educating their fellow alumni on the engineering field in an effort to attract new talent to their industry.

In February, Bob Preston, managing engineer in Bursich's Southampton, Bucks County office, visited St. Pius X in Pottstown, PA, to educate local students about the civil engineering profession. A St. Pius graduate himself, Bob believes in a hands-on approach. He brought site plans and specifications because he felt that having something tangible would encourage the students to ask more questions. He knew that if he could get the students involved in looking at plans and discussing what takes place in an office and in the field, it would not only hold their attention, but would make it interesting and relevant as well.

Doug Dilliplane and Shaun Bentz are Pottstown High School alumni and engineers for Bursich at the Pottstown headquarters. Dilliplane and Bentz spoke to seven algebra and geometry classes, as well as a building trade class. Dilliplane and Bentz explained how they became professional civil engineers. They also expressed to students the importance of paying attention to the subjects learned in high school because they will be, in some way, directly related to the professions they choose.

The two men illustrated the different types of jobs available as a professional engineer including land surveyor, structural engineer and traffic engineer. "Hardly any of the students knew what civil engineering was when we started the presentation," said Bentz, "Hopefully they are now more aware of our profession and may even be interested in a career in civil engineering when they graduate."