Bruno Gattamorta

April 29, 2020
Cojali USA
VP, Diagnostic Sales USA

Bruno is responsible for sales of the company’s Jaltest products, including All Makes Diagnostics.

“Bruno is leading this project,” says Jaime Yelo, a co-worker in customer support. “By expanding the program, we are currently helping thousands of customers be independent, increase their uptime, and overall be more profitable businesses.”

Education: Master’s degree, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid; MBA, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

Accomplishments: Company sales have increased four-fold in the three years I have been in the lead sales role. I created a network of distribution for alfalfa and fodder products in Saudi Arabia, supporting local farmers that bought small quantities and had no access to credit. I calculated points of distribution through sheep and camel movements in the country.

Fun fact: Alumni of the Young Patrons of Opera, Miami.

Favorite vacation: Sri Lanka in 2014, five years after its independence.