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Brokk 50 Demolition Machine


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An electric, remote-controlled demolition machine, the Brokk 50 is designed to match the production of a 1.5-metric-ton mini-excavator, but at a fraction of the weight and size. The Brokk 50 weighs 1,037 pounds and, at a width of less than 24 inches, can fit through standard doors and in most elevators. While retaining the footprint of the Brokk 40 it replaces, the Brokk 50 comes equipped with a 150-ft.-lb. hydraulic breaker as a safe alternative to two or three men working with jackhammers. As its bigger brothers can, the Brokk 50 is able to climb stairs and can accommodate assorted work tools. Estimated list price: $83,000.

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