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Brokk 400

The radio-controlled Brokk 400 weighs 11,240 pounds.

February 01, 2009

The radio-controlled Brokk 400 weighs 11,240 pounds. Carrying the Atlas Copco SB 552 breaker, the Brokk 400 has a hitting power of 773 lb.-ft. The unit is 63 inches wide and 81 inches tall. The machine features a three-part boom that can operate at angles of up to 30 degrees and reach 22 feet horizontally and 24 feet vertically. The remote-controlled boom allows operators standing a safe distance away to reach into areas that traditional machines or users with handheld equipment cannot. The boom also features a box-weld design that provides additional protection for cylinders and hoses.


The 6,710-pound Brokk 260 remote-controlled mini excavator is sized to handle 870-pound powered attachments. With a reach of more than 19 feet, the 48-inch-wide machine puts a lot of capability in small spaces.

The radio-controlled Brokk 400 weighs 11,240 pounds.

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