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Briggs & Stratton Vanguard Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack


Equipment Maintenance and Repair

Vanguard Lithium-Ion Battery Pack

Briggs & Stratton's Vanguard 10kWh Commercial Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is the largest battery pack in the company’s lithium-ion lineup, allowing for up to 100 kWh of energy when paralleled with 10 other packs.

Featuring a steel, roll cage design, the 10kWh pack has been tested and validated to operate in any environment, including extreme temperatures, impact, vibration, moisture, and dirt, Briggs & Stratton says. The pack’s Battery Management System constantly monitors and measures the pack’s temperature, charge, and discharge currents and voltages of each individual cell bank to ensure a safer battery option.

The pack can also track its own power and energy utilization and state of health. Customers can use this information to know precisely how much life is left.

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