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Bosch GSH27-26 Hammer with GPS Tracking


Jackhammers, Hand Held

Bosch GSH27-26 Brute Turbo hammer has GPS tracking

According to Bosch, the new GSH27-26 Brute Turbo is “the world’s first breaker hammer with GPS tracking.” In addition, a retrofit option (GPS25-4) brings the technology to all current Bosch SDS-max hammers. The Bosch GPS device on the Brute Turbo and SDS-max hammer retrofits offers contractors “always-on” location tracking. The device is designed to operate for months, says Bosch, powered by a lithium-ion battery that recharges automatically as soon as the tool is plugged in. The tracking device also can notify the owner about non-working-hour activation or non-authorized-location use.

The tracking feature, which reverts to cellular network coverage when GPS is not available, can be managed through the free Bosch GPS tracking app (available for Android and iOS configurations). The app can be found online at the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. During the first 12 months of tool ownership, the tracking service is no-charge; after this initial period, the service costs of $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

The GSH27-26, designed for concrete removal, weighs 64 pounds and delivers 1,000 bpm with 43 ft.-lbs. of impact energy. The breaker hammer can be powered by a 115/120V AC/DC 15-amp outlet or a 2,500-watt portable generator. A custom cart serves as both a hammer hauler and  hand truck. Truck rails allow the cart to be raised or lowered from a truck. The Active Vibration Control system includes a long air cushion in the hammer mechanism to reduce vibration levels. Ergonomic, shock-mounted handles complete the vibration-control system

The tool’s motor efficiency, says Bosch, results in minimal energy loss in the seals, heavy-duty springs, and fasteners. The Bosch Service Minder Brush System shuts off the tool when brush replacement, lubrication, or routine maintenance is required; a grease-packed gearbox and hammer mechanism are designed to eliminate potential contamination by job-site lubrication.

The GPS25-4 retrofit is available for 10 Bosch SDS-max hammers models that extend from 10 to 15 amps with impact energy ratings from 5.6 EPTA to 17.0 EPTA. No load bpm ranges from 900-2,900. Operation options include rotary hammer and hammer-only modes.




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