BOMAG Increases Drum Size on BW206AD-5

April 6, 2016
BOMAG Increases Drum Size on BW206AD-5

The BW206AD-5 double-drum vibratory roller has a 55.1-inch drum diameter, larger than its predecessor, the company says. The larger diameter allows the 84-inch drum to apply more impact surface area to the asphalt, which the company says prevents mat pushing and shoving as well as eliminates the potential for bow waves.

The length between drums is longer, and overall machine length is smaller. It has 66 percent higher curb clearance. Crab-walk steering mode offsets the front and rear drums by up to 6.7 inches.

The compactor offers two vibration frequencies and amplitudes. Low frequency and amplitude of 3,000 vpm and 0.031 inch, respectively, deliver maximum compaction output of 39,116 pounds.  The high 4,200 vpm frequency delivers more drum impacts per inch when rolling at higher speeds than the previous model to improve surface smoothness.

The Tier 4-Final, 140-horsepower engine uses EGR and SCR technology. ECOMODE operation provides 8 percent higher engine horsepower than the predecessor.

The larger platform has increased legroom, and an optional ROPS cab with heating is available.  A single sliding, swiveling operator’s seat slides along a back rail, and it swivels 180 degrees to give operators direct line visibility to the drum’s edge. The console swivels along with the seat.

BOMAG BW206AD-5 Roller Specifications

  • Operating weight: 30,643 pounds
  • Compaction width: 84.1 inches
  • Turn radius, inner: 186.8 inches
  • Vibration frequency (high/low): 4,200/3,000 vpm
  • Centrifugal force (high/low): 39,116/28,102 pounds