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BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 Roller


Paving Equipment & Materials Production

BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 roller.

The BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 single-drum vibratory roller is designed for heavy civil-earthworks compaction projects, such as landfill-cell construction, industrial construction, airport construction, and dam applications. The BOMAG roller’s 336.5-pounds/inch static linear load, combined with high vibration amplitude, effectively compacts rock-fill lifts reaching 55 inches thick. Rolling width is 83.9 inches, and the 19-metric-ton-class BW 219 DH-5 has a compaction output reaching 1,229.5  to 2,458.9 cubic yards/hour. 

BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 Roller Engine

A 202-horsepower Deutz diesel engine powers the new BW 219 DH-5 roller and meets Tier 4- Final emissions standards. The new machine’s standard Ecomode features allows matching engine speed to power demand, lowering fuel consumption by up to 30 percent, compared with continuous high idle, says the manufacturer. The available Ecostop system automatically shuts off the engine after a defined idle period to conserve fuel.

A dual-pump drive system dedicates one travel pump for drum drive and a separate pump for the rear axle, which includes No-Spin differential lock. Gradeability in both forward and reverse is improved, allowing the roller to climb grades as steep as 60 percent. The maintenance-free center steering joint provides 35 degrees of articulation and up to 12 degrees of oscillation.

The roller’s dual-frequency/dual-amplitude vibratory system is designed to vary compaction effort to suit the application. A 0.083-inch high amplitude setting, combined with a low vibration frequency of 1,560 vpm (vibrations per minute), can be used to compact deep lifts of mixed soil, sand and gravel, and rock-fill materials, says the manufacturer. For increased productivity with thinner-lift compaction, the high-vibration frequency of 1,860 vpm and low, 0.047-inch amplitude can be used. To achieve consistent compaction results throughout the job site, Economizer or Terrameter compaction-measurement systems are available to alert the operator when optimum compaction results have been achieved.

BOMAG BW 219 DH-5 Roller Specs

  • Engine: 202-horsepower Deutz
  • Static linear load: 336.5 pounds per inch
  • Rolling width: 83.9 inches
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