Body Rotates 360 Degrees within Tracks

September 28, 2010

John DeereDesigned to deliver high uptime and productivity with minimal operating costs, the John Deere line of C-Series compact excavators features engines that meet EPA off-road emissions standards and boasts a 500-hour oil-change interval. Grease and hydraulic-oil-change intervals are 500 and 2,000 hours, respectively. Compared to earlier excavator models, the seat is raised and moved toward the rear of the machine. Distance between the pilot levers has been increased, and wrist rests are standard on all models. In addition to the operator-area improvements, zero tail swing allows the body of the machine to ro-tate 360 degrees within the width of its tracks. The machines come equipped with a mechanical quick coupler, auxiliary hydraulics and a travel alarm. They were developed in cooperation with Deere's long-term excavator partner, Hitachi. Estimated list price: $32,600 to $55,900.