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Bobcat MT85 Track Loader Added to the Lineup

The MT85 mini track loader is a new model with a rated operating capacity of 850 pounds

November 05, 2015

The MT85 mini track loader is a new model with a rated operating capacity of 850 pounds, 35 percent more than the MT55. Lift height is 12 percent higher, and lift arm breakout force is up by 29 percent. It has 6 more inches of track on the ground, and travels at 4 mph.

Dual ISO joysticks control the loader, with the drive function controlled by the left-hand joystick and lift and tilt functions by the right-hand joystick. A new operator presence/safety pedal regulates the auxiliary hydraulic flow for use with attachments. The pedal must be engaged when the operator is using an attachment with detent hydraulic flow.

Two track widths are available: 36 inches with narrow tracks or 44 inches with wide tracks.

Bobcat MT85 Specifications

  • Rated operating capacity: 850 pounds
  • Power: 25 horsepower
  • Lift height to hinge pin: 80.9 inches
  • Operating weight: 3,110 pounds
  • Auxiliary hydraulic flow: 12 gpm


other Bobcat Equipment products

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The V519 telehandlers has a two-stage boom that reaches to 10 feet 3 inches with a maximum load at reach of 2,205 pounds.

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